About me


Developing controllers in C and C++, often on Xenomai-patched real-time Linux. Expert in ROS, using C++ and Python, for modelling, visualisation, perception, communication with non-realtime processes and devices. Proficient in Matlab for general data-crunching and idea-testing. I use Git for version control, write in TeX/LaTeX, and can use HTML with css and javascript for simple web-development, e.g. this website.

Professional Experience

Associate Professor in Robotics (2022 to present)

Departmental Lecturer (2017 to 2022)

Postdoctoral Researcher (2015 to 2017)

Senior Post-Doctoral Researcher (2013 to 2015)

Post-Doctoral Researcher (2011 to 2013)

Research Assistant (2007 - 2011)

Junior Researcher (2005 - 2006)

Academic Experience


Advanced Robotics Department, Italian Institute of Technology.

School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh.


Here is the list of students that I had the opportunity to work with over the past few years. These are the students whose projects I proposed and supervised. This list is quite old so please check the current DRS people page.

Carlos Mastalli (2017 - PhD). Carlos is the first PhD student that I supervised. He has defended his thesis; “Planning and Execution of Dynamic Whole-Body Locomotion on Challenging Terrain”, in March 2017 and he is now a post-doctoral researcher with the Gepetto Team at LAAS-CNRS.

Alex W. Winkler (2013 - MSc thesis, 2014 - internship). Alex is a student that I supervised during his MSc thesis project and his subsequent internship in our lab. Alex completed his thesis at KIT, titled Path Planning and Adaptive Execution based on Force-Feedback for Quadruped Locomotion, and is currently a PhD student at the Agile and Dexterous Robotics Lab in ETH Zurich.

Muhammad Asif Arain (2012 - MSc thesis). I supervised Asif during his MSc thesis project at our lab. Asif’s thesis title was “Path Planning for a Quadruped Robot on Uneven Terrain” and was submitted to the University of Genova as part of the EMARO (European Masters in Robotics) programme.

Athanasios Mastrogeorgiou (2009 - MSc thesis). I supervised Athanasios during his MSc in Artificial Intelligence project while at the University of Edinburgh. His thesis title was Learning Bipedal Locomotion using Finite State Machines.

Academic Visits

Visiting researcher at the Agile and Dexterous Robotics Lab in ETH Zurich, January 2013.

Invited Talks

Autonomous Motion Department, Max-Planck-Institute for Intelligent Systems, Tuebingen, Germany.


Co-organization of the workshops on


Journal of Theoretical Computer Science, Elsevier.


Elsevier Training Fellowship

Student Awards Agency for Scotland


PhD in Informatics (2011)

Under the Robust Autonomy and Decisions Group (RAD), at the Institute of Perception, Action and Behaviour in the School of Informatics of the University of Edinburgh.

MSc in Artificial Intelligence, with Distinction (2007)

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Ptychion in Computer Science (2005)

BSc degree at the Department of Informatics of the Technological Educational Institute of Athens.
  • Dissertation: Classification of Evoked Related Potentials (ERPs) with the use of Wavelets and Artificial Neural Networks.
  • Under the supervision of Dr. Nicolaos Vassilas.
TEI of Athens