I am a Departmental Lecturer with the Oxford Robotics Institute at the University of Oxford, and a lead at the Dynamic Robot Systems group. My research targets the combination of machine learning with dynamic whole-body motion planning and control, focusing on robots with arms and legs. Building on my previous work, I am interested both in the locomotion and manipulation aspects of autonomous robots.

Before, I was a postdoctoral researcher at the Robot Learning & Interaction Group of the Idiap Research Institute in Switzerland. I worked on the Horizon 2020 DexROV project, where my research focused on machine learning approaches that enable robots to learn complex skills from demonstration, in an online, interactive and intuitive manner.

Previously, I was a senior postdoc and the head of the Locomotion Group of the Dynamic Legged Systems Lab at the Advanced Robotics Department of the Italian Institute of Technology.

I have a passion for robotics and love working on robots with arms and legs. I also have a strong background in machine learning and believe that learning is key for autonomous mobile robots.

I hope that my work will enable robots to become more autonomous and widely used in a variety of applications, from inspection and monitoring, to maintenance and construction work, in industrial, business and domestic environments, performing a range of specialised and every-day tasks.

Current Projects

RAIN Hub ORCA Hub H2020 Memmo H2020 THING

Research Interests